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Full Colour. High Resolution. AMOLED.

Intuitive controls and menu navigation along with a bright, vivid colour display. With a high degree of customization, the Teric brings divers a timepiece and dive computer of unprecedented capabilities.

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Multiple Diving Modes

Teric side1

OC Recreational

(Nitrox to 99%)

Teric side2

OC Technical

(Trimix Enabled)

Teric side3


(Fixed PPO2)

Teric side4


Teric side5


Simple and Powerful

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Optional Air Integration

The Teric can connect with up to 4 transmitters

Full Colour, High Resolution. AMOLED

1.39″ display with deep blacks, and vivid colour display

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Teric dive computer info4

Rugged Construction

Sapphire crystal window, and 316 stainless bezel & buttons

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Different watch faces

To go with multiple styles and occasions

Sapphire crystal window, and 316 stainless bezel & buttons

Configurable colours to match your style

15 colour options available

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Programmable timers, alarms and stopwatch

Multiple strap colours available from Shearwater

All Teric’s come with a black strap. Standard 22 mm strap size compatible with many third-party watch brand providers.

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Cloud Control

Download and display dive logs quickly with Bluetooth® wireless technology.

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Technical Specs

Teric specification1
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