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Equipment Rental Prices

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At Amity Diving Club we offer you high quality scuba diving equipment for rent.
Our manufacturer of choice is Xdeep, Apeks, OMS, Shearwater.

Below you can find our prices for rental equipment

อุปกรณ์ยี่ห้อ X deep
อุปกรณ์ยี่ห้อ Apeks
อุปกรณ์ยี่ห้อ OMS
อุปกรณ์ยี่ห้อ Shearwater
Full Set
Exclude Tank set
Single tank set1,500฿
Sidemount Set2,000฿
Include : BCD, Regs, Mask, Fins, Wetsuit, Dive Computer

1BC Single TankXDEEP Zeos 28 Lbs/13Kg Lift฿400
2BC SidemountXDEEP Stealth Tec 2.0฿500
3BC TwinsetXDEEP Hydros 40 Lbs/18Kg Lift฿500
4Regs Singletank SetApeks XTX50 Single Tank Set฿400
5Regs Sidemount SetApeks XTX50 Sidemount Set฿500
6Regs Twinset SetApeks XTX Twinset Set฿500
7Regs Stage DECOApeks XTX40 Deco Regs฿250
8Regs Adapter DIN To YorkAdapter DIN To York฿100
9Tank SingleS80 Catalina Modular DIN/York฿200
10Tanks Sidemount Set2 x S80 Catalina Modular V. L/R DIN฿400
11Tanks Twinset2 x S80 Catalina Isolate V. DIN฿400
12Stage DECO TankS80 Catalina O2 Clean฿200
13SM Rigging2 x Jubily Bands + Choker Set฿200
14Dive computerShearwater Perigrin฿300
15MaskTechline / DeepBlue฿100
16Fins+BootsOMS Slipstream + DeepBlue Boots฿200
17WetSuit3MM Waterpro Full Suit Top+Pants฿200
18SMB+spoolOrange SMB + 30m Line Spool฿200
19SMB+spool BackupYellow SMB + 30m Line Spool฿200
20Primary LightAcrhon WH36฿500
21TorchAcrhon V10S II฿200
22Cutting DeviceLine Cutter฿100
23Fill Air20.9% O2200 Bar฿100
24Fill EAN < 40%21-40% O2200 Bar฿250
25Fill EAN > 40%41-80% O2100 Bar฿350
26Fill O2100% O2100 Bar฿450
27Fill Trimix200 THB + Helium 3 THB/Liter200 BarOn Request!

Dive with a comfortable weight integrated BCD and a fully balanced lightweight regulator

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