Day Trip – North Andaman

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MV Koon 9 – Weekly Plan Day Trip

10:30 First Dive/ 14:00 Second Dive 

Dive 1
Dive 2
SundayRichelieu RockRichelieu Rock
MondaySurin IslandsSurin Islands
WednesdayKoh BonKoh Bon
ThursdaySimilan Island no.5-6Similan Island no.7
FridaySimilan Island no. 9Similan Island no. 9
SaturdayTachai PinnacleTachai Pinnacle

The itinerary can be changed due to season, weather conditions and circumstances. The safety & comfort of all guests is most important at all times.


Professional dive guide
Free Transfer around Khaolak, Namkhem
Lunch, snacks, fruit
Drinking water, tea, coffee
Weights & weightbelts
Standard tanks
Diving Insurance
Price include Vat


Transfer from Phuket and out of Khaolak, Namkhem will charge 500 THB/pax
Park free
Equipment Rental
Nitrox will charge 300 THB/Tank
15 litter tanks will charge 300 THB per day
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Khao Lak Diving Day Trip

The Kanon speed boat has 4 engines, the newest one! That will take you on day trips to the best dive sites in the Andaman Sea. Our speed boat will leave from our private pier at The Sea Sky Travel Pier (Ban Nam Khem). With a maximum of 24 divers and 6 instructors, we drive with you on daily trips to the three best dive sites in the Andaman Sea: the Richelieu Rock, the Similan Islands, and the Surin Islands. You will make 2 dives for the trip, and after the first dive, the boat will take you to go for lunch, and relax on the island for about an hour, and then the boat will return for a second dive.

The boat will leave 6 days a week. (But it depends on the number of customers on that trip as well). Who just wants to go diving at a destination as soon as possible, easily travel, and have time? Please take a look at your options and contact us with your day trip wish list!

Khao Lak diving
Boat Schedule – Similan, Surin Islands, Richelieu Park
SundayRichelieu Rock ( Lunch on the Surin Island )2 Dives
MondaySimilan Islands ( Lunch on the Similan Island No.4 )2 Dives
TuesdaySurin Islands ( Lunch on the Surin Island ) 2 Dives
WednesdayNot Avaliable      2 Dives
ThursdayRichelieu Rock ( Lunch on the Surin Island )2 Dives
FridaySimilan Islands ( Lunch on the Similan Island No.4 )2 Dives
SaturdayRichelieu Rock & Surin Islands( Lunch on the Surin Island )2 Dives

Richelieu Rock

2 Dives / Lunch on the island – Full Day

Richelieu Rock is a pinnacle located 16km east of the Surin Islands. It is also part of the Surin Marine National Park. Richelieu Rock is considered to be one of the most famous dive sites in the world. 

This dive site is made up of limestone, which allows a variety of soft and hard corals to grow on it. It is also home to an impressive number of marine animals. Big schools of Emperors, Trevallies, Barracudas, Fusiliers, Snappers, and many more are resident at this dive site.

Richelieu Rock dive site

Similan Islands

2 Dives / Lunch on the island – Full Day

The Similan Islands national marine park is widely recognized as the number 1 scuba diving area in Thailand, and most would agree that the reef and marine life is some of the best in Asia. The dive sites vary from gentle sloping hard coral reefs to wild current swept rocky landscapes. The Western dive sites of the Similan Islands are mostly rocky and the East coast features sloping reefs. This variety makes the Similan Islands very popular, especially for Diving Trips, and every year divers from all over the world head to Thailand to sample the fantastic diving in this area.

Similan Islands

Surin Islands

2 Dives / Lunch on the island – Full Day

The Surin Islands are formed of 2 large islands, North and South. The islands are covered in granite outcrops that are ringed with pristine coral reefs that provide an underwater spectacle of life and color. The Surin Islands National Marine Park offers some of the best diving in the area, with nice healthy reefs and plenty of marine life. very similar to the Similan islands.

Surin Islands
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